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Assorted Wasabi Biscuit Snack
This is a assorted snack where you can find two kinds of wasabi snacks and with peanuts. Perfect sna..
Baby Star Ramen Ball Seaweed Wasabi
Baby Star is a famous brand of noodle snack in Japan. This is their ramen ball snack with a new flav..
Chicken Skin Snack Wasabi Flavor
These Chicken Skin snacks are crispy, crunchy, and savory! Try this wasabi flavored version. A true ..
Chip Star: Wasabi
Chip Star is a popular potato chip brand, the Japanese version of the American Pringles. They have r..
Golden Sesame Wasabi Dressing
This dressing combines the strong flavor from wasabi from Japan with the aromatic scent from sesame...
Hello Kitty Cheese Okaki: Wasabi Soy Sauce Rice Cracker
This is a crispy biscuit rice cracker featuring Hello Kitty and a Wasabi Soy Sauce flavor...
Hello Kitty Kaki no Tane: Wasabi
This is a peanut and rice cracker snack with a Wasabi flavor...
Hello Kitty Nori Chips (Wasabi Sesame)
This is a seaweed chips from Sanrio featuring Hello Kitty as well as a Wasabi Sesame flavor...
Japanica Wasabi Mini Snack
This is a mini wasabi snack with a pouch so you can enjoy it at anytime...
Kaki No Tane Wasabi (Mini)
Kaki No Tane is a very famous snack in Japan, containing crescent-shaped fragments of senbei, and pe..
Kaki no Tane: Wasabi
Kaki no Tane is a crispy snack that's made of senbei (Japanese rice crackers) and peanuts. Here we h..
Kit Kat: Shizuoka-Kanto Wasabi Flavor
Bring your nose back to its senses with this Wasabi flavored Kit Kat! This Kit Kat contains everyone..
Marumiya Beef Wasabi Furikake
Marumiya is one of the most specialized furikake manufacturer in Japan. This features a beef wasabi ..
Marumiya Evangelion Seaweed Wasabi Furikake
This is a seaweed and wasabi flavored furikake, a type of Japanese rice seasoning. This furikake fea..
Marumiya Nori Wasabi Furikake
Marumiya is one of the most specialized furikake manufacturer in Japan. This furikaka features a Nor..
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