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7-11 Premium Apple Pies
Bite sized apple pies from one of Japan's most famous convenience stores! A convenient snack that go..
7-11 Premium Cheese Tarts
Bite sized cheese tarts from one of Japan's most famous convenience stores! A nice snack for your br..
Chupa Chups Tokyo Assorted Ramune
Chupa Chups is one of the most beloved lollipop snack across the world. In Japan, they released a To..
Demon Slayer Tanjiro and Nezuko Cloth
A Demon Slayer themed Cloth! Featuring Tanjiro and Nezuko, this cloth is made of microfiber! A4 size..
Dragon Ball Mini Poster Blind Box (Vol. 12)
Here's a blind box featuring Dragon Ball mini posters. You can use this to decorate your room with s..
Happy Tongue Snack: Roasted Sweet Potato Flavor
Happy Tongue is a famous rice cracker snack from Japan, and this is a pack of Happy Tongue featuring..
Mini Sleeping Kirby Plushie
A sleeping hand sized Kirby Plushie! Can fit almost anywhere! Some serious cute but sleepy vibes. 7 ..
Moomin Winter Valley Playing Cards
A deck of playing cards with Moomin illustrations! Also comes with a "book" to hold the cards in!..
Muji Chocolate Baumkuchen
A new product from Muji! A traditional german cake that is extremely popular in Japan. This simple l..
North Colors Yuzu Chips
Crispy fried potatoes seasoned with Hokkaido "Okhotsk salt", yuzu powder, kelp and dried bonito flak..
Pokemon All Star Collection Plushie: Sandshrew
All Star Collection's plushie version of the first ground Pokemon Sandshrew is here! Sand Attack was..
Pokemon Cheek Stick Makeup: Coral Pink (Slowpoke)
This Pokemon cheek stick makeup gives your cheeks a milky pink pop of color and a glossy glow, now w..
Pokemon Face Masks Vol. 2: Mew
Pokemon Face Masks are back with a new packaging featuring Mew! A face mask with a pattern consistin..
Sakeru Gummy: Twisted Wonderland Grape
Here's a collaboration between the Sakeru gummy and Disney Twisted Wonderland, featuring the classic..
Spring Onion Salted Chicken
Here's a salted chicken dish garnished with spring onion...
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