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Fromage Sale Cheese Cookies
Cheese flavored cookies with a crunchy texture! The taste isn't overwhelming and is great as a snack..
Georgia Emerald Mountain Blend
Japan loves canned coffee! Just like a Tokyo-ite, crack open this can in the morning to sip on a smo..
Hi-Chew: Premium Double Strawberry
Here's a new flavor of Hi-Chew in Japan, featuring a mixed flavor of two kinds of berries...
Kit Kat Snax: Sweet and Salty
Kit Kat released this new snack for you to enjoy with any beverage that you like. Come and try this..
Lipton Fruits In Tea Gummy
Lipton is a well known tea brand across the globe. This is their new release in Japan, a fruits tea ..
Lotte Ghana Popcorn
Here's a new popcorn snack, but with chocolate wrapping...
Moomin Sugar Butter Rusk Biscuits
Rusk biscuits with Moomin illustrations on them! Great with tea or milk. A fun snack for children an..
Potarich Snack: Camembert Bacon Flavor
Convenient Stores in Japan releases new flavor snacks and candies every week, and we are here to bri..
Pureral Gummy: Tamurana Citrus
Pureral Gummy has always been one of the best sellers on our store due to the pure flavor of the fru..
Raizin Gold Energy Drink
A new non-caffeine energy drink made with a mix of savory sweet spices and fruits...
Saku Saku Panda Salt Vanilla Pouch
This is a panda chocolate biscuit snack that comes in a pouch packaging, makes it even more enjoyabl..
Spicy Curry Chicken Ramen
Here's a variation of Nissin's classic chicken ramen, where they include a new spicy curry flavor...
Tsubu Gummy: Tropical Fruits
Tsubu gummy comes with a chewy texture and juicy flavors. This is a new tropical fruits flavor featu..
Umameshi Instant Mexican Chili Rice
Instant Mexican chili rice that allows you to enjoy the taste from Mexican in a portable cup. Share ..
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