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7-11 Premium: Yuzu and Lemon Soda
Another drink from Japan's 7-11 Premium Series. The citrusy flavors of lemon and yuzu together makes..
Afternoon Tea: Lemon Tea
Afternoon Tea is a series of teas released by Kirin which caters to the tea lover! Here we have a le..
Afternoon Tea: Sugar-Free Lemon Tea
Afternoon Tea is a series of teas released by Kirin. Here we have a sugar-free lemon tea that is ref..
Aquarius Sports Drink: Lemon
Here's a lemon flavor sports drink that provides you with a lot of vitamin C...
Asahi Mitsuya Cider: Honey Lemon
Here's a new Mitsuya Cider flavor featuring a Honey Lemon flavor...
Asahi Mitsuya Cider: Lemon
The famous Mitsuya Cider (Ginger Soda) brings us a lemon flavoured hard candy!..
Asahi Salty Lemon Candy
A new product for the summer from Asahi! This lemon candy is good for resplenishing lost salt!..
BTS Lemona Instant Vitamin Drink
Here's an instant vitamin drink stick from Lemona featuring BTS. Comes with 60 sticks. Get one out o..
BTS Lemona Vitamin Drink
Lemona is a vitamin drink brand from Korea, and here's a vitamin drink featuring BTS. Get one out of..
By The Coast Mini Skirt Lemon
For the ultimate chic and sophisticated look you need the By The Coast Mini Skirt in Off Lemon. This..
C.C. Lemon: Lemon Yogurt Flavor
Here's a new flavor of the classic C.C. Lemon Soda: Lemon Yogurt Flavor...
C.C. Lemon: Sweet Honey
Here's a new sweet honey flavor of the C.C. Lemon soda...
C1000 Vitamin Lemon Drink
Energize yourself with essential Vitamin C to prepare yourself for the cold season!åÊThis drink cont..
Calbee Full Granola: Salt Lemon
Calbee has their line of granola cereals called Furugura, or Full Granola. Here is a limited flavor ..
Calpis Light Blue Grape and Lemon Soda
Made by squeezing plenty of white grapes and adding lemon juice for the finish, this Calpis soda has..
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