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Wakodo Baby Animal Biscuits + Calcium
Sweet cheese flavoured biscuit. Recommeded for children 9 months old or older...
Wakodo Baby Banana Cookies + Calcium
Sweet banana flavoured biscuit made with being easy to eat in mind. Recommeded for children 9 months..
Wakodo Baby Cheese Stick Biscuit +Calcium
Snacks that are easy to pick up, containing ion and sodium. Considers desired taste, firmness, and s..
Wakodo Baby Egg Boro + Calcium
Boro made with Hokkaido starch. Recommeded for children 7 months old or older...
Wakodo Baby Fish Biscuits + Calcium
Wakodo rice cracker baby snack. Small fish rice X 6 bags. Firmness and seasoning suited to the age o..
Wakodo Baby Milk Wafers + Calcium
Layered and dented design makes it easier for children to eat it. Contains calcium and iron. Eat as ..
Wakodo Baby Pumpkin Cookies + Calcium
Sweet pumpkin flavoured biscuit made with being easy to eat in mind. Contains calcium and iron. Perf..
Wakodo Baby Spinach Biscuits + Calcium
Rice, spinach and komatsuna were mixed together. It is a rice cracker. Recommeded for children 7 mon..
Wakodo Baby Veggie Boro + Calcium
Contents; Hokkaido potato starch, pumpkin, carrot and spinach. Layered designs makes it easy to eat...
Wakodo Chicken and Fish Baby Lunch
Nutritional series that aims to create a healthy and balanced diet. Container can be used as a dish ..
Wakodo Kids Beans and Minestrone Pouch
A minestrone filled with plump beans and plenty of vegetables. Recommended for children 12 months an..
Wakodo Kids Bread and Shirasu Chanpuru Pouch
It is a tofu chanpuru with chopsticks and shirasu. Make eating with chopsticks easier. Recommended f..
Wakodo Kids Chicken and Taro Stir Fry
No colorants, preservatives or fragrances are used. Chicken and taro were simmered in bonito soup st..
Wakodo Kids Chicken and Veggie Chuuka Ankake Pouch
Tomato-based Chinese sauce with chicken and vegetables flavored with sesame oil. Recommended for chi..
Wakodo Kids Chicken and Veggie Risotto Pouch
Chicken risotto with plenty of vegetables are cooked together, and has a subtle flavor of onion and ..
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