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Caramel Corn: Classic
Caramel corn is back with a renewed packaginig and new flavors. Here's the classic caramel corn flav..
Caramel Corn: Kuromitsu Matcha Latte
Caramel Corn is one of Tohato's most popular series of corn snacks. This special edition is flavored..
Caramel Corn: Lemon Flavor
Here's a new fruity flavor for the famous Caramel Corn snack: Lemon flavor...
Caramel Corn: Pumpkin Pudding Flavor
Caramel Corn is a sweet and crunchy snack which is loved by the Japanese people. Here's a new Pumpki..
Caramel Corn: Ramune Flavor
Ramune is a carbonated soft drink orginiated from Japan. This Ramune flavor Caramel Corn gives you t..
Caramel Corn: Sakura Cherry
Spring in Japan means only one thing - cherry blossoms. That means that cherry blossoms aka sakura f..
Caramel Corn: Strawberry Flavor
Here's a new fruity flavor for the famous Caramel Corn snack: Strawberry flavor...
Caramely Cinnamon and Caramel Biscuits
A cinnamon scented biscuit kneaded with caramel, it goes extremely well with coffee but is also deli..
Charlotte Caramel Chocolate
Here's a box of caramel chocolate. Comes with 12 pieces...
Chocoball Crunchy Covered Salted Caramel Peanuts
The classic Japanese snack, Chocoball, has released a crunchy peanut snack without chocolate! This s..
Chocoball: Caramel
Chocoball can be found anywhere in Japan and is popular with people of all ages. Caramel Flavor...
Chococones: Almond and Caramel (Mini)
This loved chocolate snack called Chococones, or Takenoko no Sato, is in the cute shape of bamboo sh..
Christmas Caramel Corn
While you're dressing your tree, save some caramel corn for yourself. This special Christmas edition..
Confectionery Salt Caramel
The Confectionery Salt Caramel has rich caramel and is well balanced with salt. It has the perfect, ..
Country Ma'am: Burnt Caramel
Here's a new flavor of the Country Ma'am cookie: Burnt Caramel!..
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