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Aomori Tuna Curry
Here's a curry using Maguro (Tuna fish) from Aomori, Japan. Comes with one serving of 180g and a med..
Black Pork Curry Udon
Here's a new pork flavored curry udon by Maruchan, a famous food manufacturer in Japan...
Black Thunder: Gateau Chocolate
Here's a new flavor of the one bite Black Thunder chocolate snack: Gateau Chocolate cake flavor...
Bondy Champion Cheese and Beef Curry
Here's a award-winning cheese and beef curry from Bondy. Comes with one serving of 180g...
Bonsai Plant DIY Candy
Here's a DIY candy that comes with a Bonsai (Plant in a vase) design! The trunk is chocolate soft ca..
Calpis Soda: Happy Lemon
Here's a new flavor of the yogurt soda drink: Lemon...
Canned Deer Curry
Here's a canned deer curry which comes with a pretty spicy flavor and contains 410g of curry...
Chocolate Bar Party DIY Candy
Here's a DIY candy set that allows you to create customized chocolate bars with different flavors...
Colorful Peace Drawing Gummy DIY Candy
Here's a DIY candy where you can use the kit to draw gummies in your favorite shape!..
Colorful Peace Tsubu Tsubu Land DIY Candy
Here's a DIY candy where you can use the dropper to create your own colorful candy beads and create ..
Devil Karamucho: Meat Miso Flavor
Here's a new spicy meat miso flavor of Karamucho, a spicy brand of potato chips from Japan...
Fuunji Fish Broth Ramen
Fuunji is a famous ramen restaurant in Tokyo, famous for their fish broth. Here's an instant version..
Ginza Cheese Curry (Medium Spice)
Here's a cheese curry from Ginza Japan with a medium spice...
Hokkaido Canned Bear Curry
Here's a canned bear curry from Hokkaido. Comes with 410g and a high spicy level...
Hokkaido Chicken Soup Curry
Here's a Hokkaido Chicken Soup Curry which comes with a 1 serving of 360g. Just heat up the bag by p..
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