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Nothing better than a tasty snack while having a refreshing beer. We have this tasty set that comes with 15 different crunchy savory japanese beer snacks. A part from the wide range of snacks it also comes in a unique pack shaped as a beer. Grab yours now!

Note: Snacks vary from each order however this is a list of some potential snacks:
- Pretz Pizza Flavor
- Pretz Butter Soy Sauce
- Pretz Smoked Bacon
- Komekko Scallop
- Komekko Seaweed & Wasabi
- Karujaga Salt
- Cratz Pepper Bacon
- Cratz Edamame
- Spicy Chicken
- Cheeza Camembert
- Cheesa Cheese Cheese
- Cheesa Smoked Cheese
- Avocadooza

Fun Fact: In Japanese "おつまみ" (Otsumami) means a snack to have when drinking.

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